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Embark on a Joyful Journey with The Happy Train: Exploring the Beauty of Crete!

Discover the heart of Crete, in a unique and enchanting way with The Happy Train. Offering a variety of tours, including the Grand Tour through Malia-Hersonissos-Stalis, as well as half-day excursions to Mochos and Krasi.

The Happy Train promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Let’s delve into the details of these exciting adventures that showcase the rich cultural tapestry of this picturesque region.

Grand Tour: Malia-Hersonissos-Stalis (One and a half hour ride)

The Happy Train invites you to embark on a grand adventure starting at 10:00 every day until late, exploring the charming towns of Malia, Hersonissos, and Stalis. This 90-minute ride offers a delightful journey through the streets, allowing passengers to witness the beauty of these coastal gems and immerse themselves in the vibrant Cretan culture.

Half-Day Tours to Mochos and Krasi

For a deeper exploration of the Cretan countryside, The Happy Train offers half-day tours to Mochos and Krasi on specific days of the week. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, travelers can experience the rustic charm of Mochos, while Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are dedicated to the picturesque village of Krasi. These tours start at 9:40 am, ensuring a leisurely exploration of the stunning landscapes and cultural treasures.

Private and Wedding Tours

The Happy Train goes above and beyond to cater to individual preferences, offering the possibility of private tours tailored to your schedule and interests. Imagine celebrating your special day aboard The Happy Train, with personalized decorations creating a magical ambiance for your wedding day. It’s a unique and memorable way to begin a new chapter in the scenic embrace of Crete.

Scenic Stops and Cultural Delights

Throughout each tour, The Happy Train makes strategic stops, allowing passengers to capture breathtaking photographs of the Cretan landscape. Additionally, these breaks provide opportunities to indulge in the local cuisine of the villages within the Municipality of Hersonissos, offering a taste of authentic Cretan flavors.

Relaxing Journey, Unforgettable Memories

The Happy Train provides a relaxing and enjoyable way to explore Stalis-Malia and its surroundings. As the train winds its way through the beautiful scenery, passengers can sit back, relax, and absorb the sights and sounds of this captivating region. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a leisurely adventure, The Happy Train ensures that every moment is filled with joy and discovery.

Step aboard The Happy Train and let the rhythmic chug of its wheels carry you through the wonders of Crete. From the coastal beauty of Malia-Hersonissos-Stalis to the rustic charm of Mochos and Krasi, these tours promise a delightful immersion into the cultural richness of this Greek island. For a truly unique and memorable experience, consider The Happy Train for your next journey in Crete. For additional information or to book your adventure, don’t hesitate to contact us and get ready for an unforgettable ride through the heart of Greece.